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The Ultimate Jewelry Guide for Every Budget

Getting the best and elegant jewelry is the dream of every lady in the world, but budget to get the jewelry plays an important role. There are a number of ways by which you can purchase the best jewelry in your budget either you have a low level budget or a high level budget. Following are a few jewelry guides for every type of budget:

Jewelry guide for high budget

If you have enough amount to spend on your jewelry then you must go for the gold or the diamond jewelry that is required in most of the places and the events. On the other hand, the handmade jewelry has been required by the ladies to look adorable and trendy in the upcoming events. In order to purchase the best quality and expensive jewelry, we recommend you to visit different brands selling jewelry at a high scale. Most of these brands also have online existence and sell their types of necklace and other products online to the users.

Jewelry guide for limited budget

In order to purchase the jewelry at the budgeted price, we recommend you to purchase the jewelry subscription box. This is the box that is available to you at the limited budget and you can get a variety of jewelry products in it. The price range of the box varies so you can get anyone you want. Another way to purchase the jewelry at limited budget, you have to wait for the sale session of the brands. During their sale season, the brands offer 30 to 70% off on their products and you can purchase that jewelry for your upcoming events.

Jewelry guide for low budget

If you have low budget to purchase the jewelry and want to look elegant and superb on your event, then don’t worry. You can purchase the second hand jewelry that is not only available at lower price, but will make up your event as well. The other way to fulfill your jewelry requirement is that, you can check for the sale session and purchase the jewelry from there. It will surely cut the cost and you will have great event.

6 Reasons Why Pearls Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Archaeological finds include jewelry made from animal hides, leather and plant materials that were decorated with animal teeth, feathers, shells, pebbles, bones, seeds, and flowers. Later, as human technologies advanced, metals and gems began appearing in the archaeological record. A natural gemstone fished from the sea, pearls have been revered for thousands of years as a prized embellishment for their shape, luster, and colors.

From India to China, Egypt to Rome, and throughout the modern world, we give you six reasons why pearls continue to be a girl’s best friend.

Pearls Are Traditional

Coming of age, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, milestone achievements and special occasions are marked with the giving and wearing of pearls. Every pearl is unique and its shape is natural and without artificial modification. Worn as a simple string, an embellished brooch or a delicate bracelet, pearls are, as Jackie Kennedy famously declared, always appropriate.

Pearls Represent Love Bonds

Like a baby that develops in the belly of its mother, pearls are formed within the soft tissue of mollusks like oysters and mussels. Pearls represent the love bond between you and your loved ones like the essential relationship between the strong, resilient, and iridescent mother of pearl of the inner shell and the pearl created within.

Pearls Are Inspiring

When small particles, parasites or organisms gain entry to the shell of certain mollusks, they respond by creating a ‘pearl sac’ to defend themselves against the threatening irritant. Over and over the mollusk secretes calcium carbonate to cover the irritant. With time, these layers build up and result in the formation of a smooth, beautiful pearl.

Keynote speaker and change expert, Susan Young eloquently challenges us to consider changes in our lives – from adversity, difficulties and experiences – through the metaphor of an oyster and its pearl. She says: “As a pearl is formed and its layers grow, a rich iridescence begins to glow. The oyster has taken what was at first an irritation and intrusion and uses it to enrich its value. How can you coat or frame the changes in your life to harvest beauty, brilliance, and wisdom?”

Pearls Are For Good Health

The same elements that make pearls iridescent and strong make pearl powder a beauty ‘superfood’. The fine, white powder of ground pearls is rich in calcium as well as magnesium, amino acids, and trace minerals. Served up by Chinese herbalists as a medical remedy for eons, pearl powder has entered the Western wellness arena as a nutritional supplement for women. Although research and information are limited, pearl powder supplements reportedly help to prevent skin discoloration, digestive issues, and osteoporosis.

Pearl powder has also stepped into the limelight as a star ingredient in cosmetics (which the Chinese already knew about millennia ago!). It is often incorporated into exfoliants, masks, and shimmering finishing powders and eye shadows.

Pearls Are From Water

Environmentally friendly and grown in water, pearls are a gift from nature. Water is considered one of the ‘classical elements’ in ancient Greek philosophy and is associated with the qualities of emotion and intuition. As a classic gemstone often gifted and worn for special occasions, pearls are synonymous with memories and emotional experiences. Blessedly, pearls suit all styles and add a touch of elegance to every occasion.

French style guru Genevieve Antoine Dariaux favored pearls. “There is just one piece of jewelry that is equally becoming to everybody, lovely with almost every ensemble, appropriate for almost any occasion, and indispensable in every woman’s wardrobe… long live the pearl necklace, true or false, from our first date until our last breath!”

Pearls Are To Be Gifted, Worn Often And Nurtured

Pearls are often given as a considered and thoughtful gift. The buyer spends the time to choose the most appropriate jewelry type, and they weigh up the size, color, and shape of the pearls with the gift recipient in mind.

Like relationships that are nurtured over time, pearls have to be cared for by their wearer to maintain their warm glow and luster. Acids in perfumes, lotions, hairspray, makeup and swimming pools can damage Pearl’s iridescent coating and dissolve its beautiful shine over time.

Aside from diligently waiting to put on your pearls after applying cosmetics and always removing them before swimming and showering, you can nurture your real pearl jewelry in a number of ways.

Wear your pearls often to improve their luster as the oils from your skin keep them moisturized. Always wipe off traces of perspiration, cosmetics, and lotion using a soft cloth. It is best to have your pearls cleaned by a reliable jeweler to keep them in perfect condition for generations.

Pearls suit every occasion whether you are receiving pearls as a gift, giving them to a loved one or wearing them. As Ki Hackney, founder of Style magazine said, “You can’t ever go wrong with pearls. Perhaps pearls are a girl’s best friend after all.”

Silver Jewelry and Stone-Studded Jewelry Care Tips

Fashion jewelry is the latest trend especially with silver jewelry and there are some remedies that are innovative, interesting and easy that it ensures the maintenance, cleaning and storing. The value of silver and the jewelry that is stone embellished is a must to know so that your festive season does not appear dull.

Clean the yellow-brown tinge:

Vinegar: Take white vinegar half cup and add baking soda 2 tablespoon into a pan, shrug the vinegar and baking soda four or five times and mix these using a spoon and there will be bubbles appearing. Place the jewelry inside the solution and let it stay for 2 to 3 hours. Remove the jewelry from it and wash it under running water so that the baking soda and the vinegar residue are washed away. Dry the jewelry using clean and soft cloth and store in a clean pouch.

Beer: Your silver jewelry can get its lost shine. You can pour beer a bit on a soft cloth and gently rub the silver jewelry and pat it dry using a towel or clean cloth.

Club soda: soak silver jewelry and stone studded jewelry in club soda and ensure the bright sheen. You can place them in club soda full glass and leave it overnight. In the morning, air dry and store in a pouch to eliminate dust.

Vodka: Vodka, few drops can clean silver of any kind and also the stone-studded jewelry. The right way is to immerse into the vodka a napkin and to wipe away the grime settled on your jewels or drench your silver earrings or ring for a few minutes and ensure they are sparkling again.

Aluminum foil: Take a small bowl and place aluminum foil and fill it with hot water. Mix bleach-free powder laundry detergent one tablespoon and put the jewelry in that solution for a minute so that it soaks. This chemical process procedure is referred to as ion exchange that helps to clean the ornaments surfaces. Once cleaned, rinse, air dry and store it in a dry clean pouch so that it is ready to wear.

Ammonia solution: This also cleans the silver and removes tarnish. Make a solution of ammonia in 1-2 tablespoons, liquid dishwasher 1 teaspoon and mix altogether with 1/4 cup of water. Dip a swab of cotton or take a toothbrush with soft bristles and clean the jewelry surface gently. In case the tarnish is too stubborn, dip the silver jewels in the same solution and it will come off easily.

Storing your silver jewelry:

  • Silver jewelry should be kept separate from other metals and also should not be left in the open.
  • Purchase anti-tarnish pads and let your jewelry box line the base with those pads.
  • Pack your silver trinkets tightly and store in a zippered plastic bag. This prevents jewelry from causing scratches and they stay in good condition.
  • Let the perfumes and body lotions applied on your body dry completely and then add the silver jewelry so that there is no reaction of the alloys and copper present in silver.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Dictates the New Trends

Designers reinvent constantly and keep interpreting sterling silver jewelry in different exciting ways that there is an emergence of new trend each year. The jewelry looks beautiful; they are available in affordable prices, besides being durable and versatile.

Talented artists and designers reinvent and work on redesigning the sterling silver jewelry. This reinvention has become essential as it is found that women wearing jewelry also keep looking for something new. They want to see a change in the necklace, earring, ring or bracelet.

Fashion trends in silver jewelry


Pendants are the smallest jewelry piece, but it can be the biggest statement piece. Office goers prefer to wear something smaller in size and pendants make a bright choice. They do not appear overpowering, yet they are so beautiful that it does not miss anyone’s eye. The statement that ‘less is more’ fits right. You can look for intricate patterns in the pendant.

Pendants even in unusually large sizes go well in the evenings. You can wear a bigger pendant and appear adventurous, even for a work event. Pairing it masterfully with a pair of earring also looks perfect. In fact, if you own a sterling pendant, it will make a perfect choice with any of your dress or occasion that you will be taken by surprise.

Collar Necklace

The collar necklace emergence was in 2015. This trend emerged with sparkly gems and stones. It looked very rich and now there is a slow shift and it has moved towards elaborate and larger collar necklaces. They look good in silver forming a tapestry featuring various layers and designs.

Choker Necklace

Choker necklace is around for many years, but now the highlight is that it is in sterling jewelry as the fashion trend. The common types of choker necklaces do not come completely in silver and to enhance the beauty of the choker necklace, they are now featuring in the center adorable charms. The beauty is that the sterling charms are available in all shapes and styles, making the chokers personalized and unique. Gemstones set in sterling silver in choker necklaces are a common trend.

Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs are steadily going strong into the trends each year. Ear cuffs make perfect accessories for people who have not pierced their ears. Ear cuffs in sterling silver offer the choice of wearing on different parts of the ear so that it reflects different tastes and looks.

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are trending this New Year. This jewelry makes a wonderful gift for anyone. A sterling silver charm bracelet does not break your bank and the advantage is that these charm bracelets can be added or reorganized to create different looks and moods.

A Quick Guide to Buy a Vintage Engagement Ring

The fashion world will always remain a leap ahead of the expectations of people. Every day new accessories and stylish jewelry launch in a fashion world. But the thing that surprised most is the style of new jewelry is truly inspired by the vintage style. Yes! Nowadays, we can see that Vintage Design jewelry is immensely populated among youngsters. Therefore, the craze of Vintage jewelry is at the edge that a large number of couples prefer Vintage Engagement Ring.

Are you looking for a few tips that can help you to buy a perfect Vintage Engagement Ring? So, without taking much of your time, here we are presenting a quick guide to buy a vintage style inspired engagement ring:

1. Determine Style & Design
Style and design are the two most important things you should first consider while selecting an engagement ring for your partner. To select the perfectly designed vintage ring, you need to understand what actually Vintage means? Most people have the misconception that Vintage Ring and Antique Engagement ring are one of the same things. But it differs a lot in terms of design & style. Antique rings were created somewhere around 100 years ago and its design was inspired specifically by Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian era. Whereas, Vintage Ring was not created previously and whose designs were inspired by the different era. So, be careful while choosing the design of your Vintage Engagement Ring.

2. Check the quality of the Diamond
When you spend a big amount of money to buy the diamond for your ring or other jewelry, you must look for the premium-quality diamond. To acquire quality-grade diamond you need to inspect your diamond’s quality because the quality of the diamond can not only ensure you with value for money piece but it also plays a crucial role in your budget planning. To check the quality of diamond you need to learn about 4Cs of the diamond.

Here Diamond quality is segregated into 4 main classes:

  • Cut – The 4 cutting techniques are – excellent, very good, good, and fair. The perfectly cut diamond will always ensure you with extraordinary glow and great symmetry.
  • Clarity – The clarity scale ranges from F, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2, and I3. Grade VVS2 or higher will always offer great clarity and brightness.
  • Carat – Carat means the weight of the diamond. 1 Carat of the diamond is equal to 200 mg.
  • Color – Diamond is range from A to Z in terms of color. The pure white diamond will range as a D, whereas yellow or color diamond will range as a Z.

3. Plan Your Budget Carefully
Planning budget is your call, you need to decide your budget as per your preference and the size of your pocket. Considering the planned budget doesn’t mean that you can ignore your other considerations like quality and comfort. Especially when it comes to buying Engagement Ring, remember one thing, it is a one-time investment and biggest purchase of the life. Don’t let your budget interfere with the quality and style of your Vintage Engagement Ring. Therefore, shop for the ring that looks nice and comfortable to wear.

4. Consider The Certifications
As we all know that buying diamond jewelry or diamond engagement ring is the biggest purchase, so, Certification is necessary to achieve insurance purpose. Always ask your jewelers for the certification or other government-issued to be on the safer side. Besides certification, you can also ponder a few other things like warranty & guarantee policy and appraisal services.

Engagement Rings are worn forever and will always remind you of the day when you and your partner made commitments to each other. So, when it comes to buying a ring, make sure that follow this guide while purchasing Vintage Engagement Ring.